What’s Included in a Snow Removal Contract

For business owners, it isn’t always a simple choice to pick the right snow removal services company. Not every company is made equal. In addition to that, no one can really predict the weather. So, how can you ensure your budget and your needs align in weather that’s unpredictable? 

One of the most crucial documents you need is the snow removal contract. This will enable you to be ready for any event that comes onto the way of your property. It will be based on your desired budget and your needs. Because of this, you need to be comfortable with the snow removal contract you receive.  

Here are several things to look for in a snow removal contract: 

Tool Needs 

A couple of bigger commercial properties find it’s even more crucial in the snow removal contract to include provision for tools that are kept in the property to streamline ice and snow maintenance properly.  

If you want to include this in the contract, you should be prepared for a monthly fee for the tools to sit on your property. The cleaning team will then simply show up at your property and the tools are ready to use. 

The Scope of Service 

During winter, the particular services you require on your commercial property is a vital and natural part of a commercial snow removal contract.  

A lot of companies provide snow removal services in various approaches. This includes a seasonal contract or a per-occurrence contract.  

A seasonal or all-inclusive contract means you’ve got to pay a monthly fee for 4 months. It does not matter how many ice and snow events happen during a month, you’ll still pay the same fee to be covered. The snow removal company will be there when you need them.  

A per-occurrence contract means that you pay every time the company salt or plow your property. Also, the contract can include how high the snow should be for them to plow. Usually, most companies accept to plow if the snow is 2 inches high. However, you can talk about 1-inch snow heights with the company if you’re really concerned about the safety threats that ice and snow can cause.  

A couple of snow removal companies will even provide combinations of the two contact forms to fit your particular budget and needs. For example, perhaps you require a seasonal contract for snow removal. However, you want them to apply salt every time they plow. You’ve got the choice to personalize a contract to suit your needs.  


Usually, commercial snow removal services run from the 1st of December until the end of March each year. This needs to be included in the contract and should naturally fall in line with when your routine landscape maintenance services start and end.  

Unfortunately, the weather is quite unpredictable these days and snow can start to fall even in October.  

snow removal company should be able to accommodate you during storms after you’ve signed the contract. This will help the company build a lasting partnership with your business.